Listening to Your Heartbeat
Speak with Your Heart (SOLD)
Breathing Together
I See You in My Eyes
Love Your HeART (SOLD)
Listen To Your HeART_ (SOLD)
Follow Your HeART (SOLD)
Do What You Love
Kiss Your Love_HeART
Shhhh…Listen (SOLD)
Everyone is an artist
I see you in my heART (SOLD)
Mermaid, 24x 36 inches
Live Your HeART out
Life Dilemma 36 x 36(in.) Mixed Media on Canvas
Happy or Unhappy 36 x 36(in.) Mixed Media on Canvas
Heaven and Hell (Diptych) 36 x 48(in.)
Rainbow 3
Strength 15
Strength 14
Strength 13
Strength 12
Strength 11
Strength 10
Strength 9
Strength 8
Strength 7 (SOLD)
Strength 6
Strength 5
Strength 4
Strength 3 (SOLD)
Strength 2 (SOLD)
Strength 1