Pikka Pikka x Jlee 360 Follow Your Heart Launch – China June 2017

IMG_3885 IMG_3897 IMG_3712Thank You everyone for your support! 第一次去中山,覺得這地方很有人情味。。。人很懂得享受生活。。特別鳴謝Pikka Pikka也感謝大家支持。。 Pikka Pikka x Jlee 360 – 隨心而行展覽 -中山站 (下一站澳門。香港。。)

“跟隨你的心” Jlee 360

“我們每個人心裏都有一顆“藝術”的心, 但不是每個人都能意識到藝術的魔力。藝術是情感的流露,藝術是愛。。。


我的作品擁抱不同文化,颜色,觀點和聲音 。通過研究我們之間的差距,我的藝術拉近人們之間的距離,觀察可以探索自己獨特的見解,也同時欣賞和享受其他人看到不同的角度。我的藝術不只有我,也有您。。”Jlee 360 李皓霖

“Follow your heART” by Jlee 360

“We all have ART In our heARTs that’s how we spell H.E.A.R.T but not everyone realizes its power. ART is emotions, ART is love…

I want us to all release our inner creativity and potential. Don’t be afraid to open your heART and embrace the possibilities. Think 360!

My work embraces the different colors, cultures, voices and perspectives in the world. By exploring the differences between us, my art aims to bring people closer. Viewers can explore their own unique perspective and also appreciate and enjoy the fact that others may see things differently. ART is not just about me, it is also about you. ” Jlee 360