What Do You See? (LOGO) 

“My ART is not only about MYSELF, it is also about YOU”

 360’s signature logo, the result of which derives from the different perspectives, age and background seen by thousands of people. The result will be revealed at a future featured exhibition.

In Jlee 360, artworks can be appreciated and turned in 360 degrees, enhancing the spectator’s imagination  to  see  things  differently  and  showing  options  in  life  in  an  ever­changing  process.    Her  ART   allows  her  and the  spectators  to  access  with  unconsciousness  and  intuition  to  respond  at  the  moment   and  share  their  experiences.    It  is  the  abstract  thought  of  the  creator  and  spectator  she  finds  intriguing.”