Jlee believes that ART & LAUGHTER YOGA is the universal language that draws and brings people together. She has tailored made and created this special Art x Laughter Yoga workshop at Lucie Chang Fine Arts Gallery called “LAUGH” for Art lovers and people who want to make a positive change in their lives.

This special event includes Laughter Yoga Exercise, Drawing Meditation, Sharing and also private tour of exhibition, “The Other Side” featuring the works of eight young talented female artists born in or after 1980s: Alice Lin, Angel Hui, Bao Ho, Gedvile Bunikyte, Morgan Xinmo Wu, XZOO studio- M&X (Margie and Xinru) and Yu Xiao. Each artist brings her unique perspective on nature of life to the table through their creation by exploring various forms of media and materials. As a female artist, Jlee believes that ART & LAUGHTER YOGA is a creative tool to empower everyone particularly women in this case and boosts our inner power and strengths. She likes the idea of gender equality and believes that all individuals are unique and beautiful and can be strong and powerful.