Buddha Meditation
Friday (Construction on Worker Fireman)
Monday (Picasso)
Saturday (No Label)
Sunday (Pilot)
Thursday (Police)
Tuesday (Doctor)
Wednesday (Cook)
Listening to Your Heartbeat
Speak with Your Heart (SOLD)
Breathing Together
I See You in My Eyes
Love Your HeART (SOLD)
Listen To Your HeART_ (SOLD)
Follow Your HeART (SOLD)
Do What You Love
Kiss Your Love_HeART
Shhhh…Listen (SOLD)
Everyone is an artist
I see you in my heART (SOLD)
Mermaid, 24x 36 inches
Live Your HeART out
Life Dilemma 36 x 36(in.) Mixed Media on Canvas
Happy or Unhappy 36 x 36(in.) Mixed Media on Canvas
Heaven and Hell (Diptych) 36 x 48(in.)
Rainbow 3
Strength 15
Strength 14
Strength 13
Strength 12
Strength 11
Strength 10
Strength 9
Strength 8
Strength 7 (SOLD)
Strength 6
Strength 5
Strength 4
Strength 3 (SOLD)
Strength 2 (SOLD)
Strength 1